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Do you have unwanted guests in your home or business? An insect or rodent infestation is not only inconvenient; it can be harmful to your health. Luckily, America’s Pest X is here to help! We specialize in general pest control and remove all types of bugs and small rodents.
For over 20 years, our family-owned and operated company has worked with clients across Western New York communities. We are based in Canandaigua, NY, and pride ourselves on offering environmentally friendly pest control services.
Large Ant

Offering Trusted Pest Control Services For 20+ Years

Our company is fully insured and offers a range of pest control and management services. Whether you need one-time services or want to invest in monthly or bi-monthly service plans, we have the solutions you need. It is our goal to help you affordably rid your home or business from any unwanted pests.



There are more than 12,000 different species on Earth. Ants live in colonies ranging from a few dozen to millions of individuals. It is essential to treat nests to effectively get rid of — and prevent — future infestations.


Bees are very beneficial to our environment, but a beehive can cause long-term structural damage to your home or building. We will work to safely remove the bees from your property without damaging their nest or colony.
Bed Bugs

Bed Bugs

These small parasites prefer hiding in spaces, including bedding, beneath mattresses, and other sleeping areas. They are swift and multiply rapidly. Signs of bed bugs include mysterious bite marks on your body. To determine the best course of treatment, we will perform a thorough inspection of your home.


Spiders are found on every continent except for Antarctica. Some are harmless, while some are poisonous to humans. We will perform an inspection of your home to determine what types are inhabiting your home and how to remove them from your home.


Fruit flies and house flies are a nuisance and can carry serious diseases. We will work with you to eliminate the flies’ habitat and conditions in which they thrive. It is important to keep trash receptacles clean and practice good sanitation.

Mice & Rats

Mice and rats can be a serious menace in your home. They often take residence in your home in search of water, food, and warmth. They can cause damage to your home or property, so it is important to give us a call at 585-770-3229 (make click to call) before it becomes a full-blown infestation.


Fleas are commonly brought into a home by a pet, but periods of wet weather can also drive them indoors. The treatment used to rid your home of fleas depends on which area of your home is infected. If you have one pet with fleas, all of your pets must be treated, and all areas they have been in must be thoroughly cleaned.


Cockroaches are some of the most resilient animals on the planet — they have been around for thousands of years. These pests are dangerous to humans, as they carry microbes and allergens. If you find cockroaches in your home, it is essential to remove their food source and sanitize the area. Monthly or bi-monthly spraying is often recommended to treat — and prevent — a cockroach infestation.


There are many types of beetles, including wood beetles, Asian beetles, and more. Some can cause damage to your home or garden. We will work with you to identify what types of beetles have taken up residence on your property and then take action to eliminate unwanted pests.

We Can Help You Live Pest-Free

We are your partners in maintaining a pest-free home or business. You can count on our professional team to identify your needs and provide you with the solutions you deserve.

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We proudly serve clients across Ontario, Monroe, Seneca, and Cayuga counties. This includes:
  • Pittsford
  • Penfield
  • Fairport
  • Victor
  • Bloomfield
  • Farmington
  • Canandaigua
  • Geneva
  • Waterloo
  • Seneca Falls
  • Auburn
  • Union Springs
  • Aurora
  • Port Byron
  • Rushville
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We proudly serve clients across Ontario, Monroe, Seneca, and Cayuga counties. This includes: Pittsford, Penfield, Fairport, Victor, Bloomfield, Farmington, Canandaigua, Geneva, Waterloo, Seneca Falls, Auburn, Union Springs, Aurora, Port Byron, and Rushville

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